Pippa's Bottom Syndrome

If I hear one more word about Pippa Middleton's bottom, I am going to scream.

Yes, she did look very pretty in the white dress,
although it has resulted in this non-stop salivating and cross-eyed men syndrome.

And yes - she does have a very sexy and shapely bottom....

But believe it or not, I am NOT into Pippa's bottom.
I prefer bottoms like this....

Now THAT is what I am looking for in a bottom.
In fact, I will take the whole package...

I am wondering if he is also currently suffering from the terrible affliction that has hit the male population since the Royal wedding...


Hermione said...

I did think Pippa looked very spankable in that dress. I suppose she was wearing several layers of Spanx to be that thin and shapely.

Too bad all the Royal males have that unfortunate receding hairline.


MarQe's Study said...

Sorry Raven ... did you say something ? Droooooooooool!

MQ x

Dave Wolfe said...

Thanks, Raven, for posting these pictures of-- well, you know who and what.

Raven Red said...


I agree that she looks spankable...but that is ALL I have been hearing since she got out the car!!!



Raven Red said...

MarQe...it will pass. Do not worry. Tsk Tsk...poor man.


Raven Red said...


Only a pleasure - happy that you enjoyed Jason's bottom..(GRIN)..
oh my, on what thin ice I all of a sudden find myself...

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