Spanking the LA way?

I found the following snippet of news during my internet travels last night...

Associated Press
Posted: 04/30/2011 09:03:40 AM PDT

LOS ANGELES -- The Los Angeles Department of Transportation is investigating a report that two of its uniformed traffic officers appeared in a pornographic film. Interim General Manager Amir Sedadi says the probe was launched Thursday and the officers are on paid leave. They could face disciplinary action if wrongdoing is found.

KNBC-TV reported that a video on an adult website shows an officer spanking and fondling an actress. The report says the actress also spanks a second officer and performs lewd acts in his city car. In a statement, Sedadi says the department doesn't tolerate inappropriate behavior. He also says the allegations shouldn't be taken as representative of the department's nearly 600 traffic control and parking enforcement officers.

Another fantasy down the drain...
And I really DID like the uniform and the bit about the swatting...


joeyred51 said...

Maybe they should be spanked for their actions.

Raven Red said...


Well it looks that at least one of them already did!

Cannot quite figure out what these two men were thinking! This is NOT how you go about to make a change in careers...



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