Answer to a Spanking Question

Found the whole article written by Lawrence Gould, "well known Consulting Psychologist" in 1939. I have read it, my eyes are slightly burning, and there is a little man pounding away with his hammer in my head - but the answer to the question? Eh...I had to read it, so off you go... (GRIN) 

Have to love this little paragraph in the article though "Naturally, different girls have different ideas what constitutes a strong man, but few of them have entirely outgrown the feeling that sheer physical superiority - demonstrable by force if necessary - lies at the bottom of it"


Anonymous said...

That was a thoroughly fun article!

Raven Red said...


Happy that you enjoyed. Seemed like a typical analysis to me - saying everything and nothing, with opinions going both ways, offered.



Britt said...

Thank you for all your kind words lately. It really means a lot to M and I.


Thanks for finding that. I'll try to find the time to give it a good read through, over the weekend.


wordsmith said...

Not sure what happened to my comment...but it was a fun read! And he does come down on the spank side in my view...

sixofthebest said...

As to the question "Should Wives be Spanked". Of course they should when they are naughty. So should naughty mother's, mother-in-laws, and grandmother's. In fact all naughty female's should be corporally punished, on their naked bare bottoms.

Damien Tann said...

I have just finished working with a group of SACE (grade 12) drama students on a play based on John Barrymore's portrayal of Hamlet. How I wish I had known of his "interest".

(Perhaps Barrymore's Hamlet can give way to The Taming of the Shrew, or at least Kiss Me Kate.)

Nicely played Miss Raven.

Raven Red said...


Lucky for me then...oh, wait - the not married story is not going to work with you..(GRIN)



Raven Red said...


Thank you! Taming of the Shrew - not referring to me are you?? (GRIN)



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