Spankingly thankful

It was a busy week, filled with quite a bit of this...

Oh, and then I had some of this as well...soon to be repeated...

So I am spankingly thankful that it is weekend, for now I can comfortably recline,
As I am suffering from tender bottom-itus.

Hope that everyone will be having a great weekend!


sixofthebest said...

These nostalgic photo's are pure joy to see. Especially the spanking one. They are worthy of 'six of the best strokes of a pliable stinging cane, on that voluptous bare bottom of yours. Hopefully that you are wearing suspender-belt and stockings, for added sexually erotic enjoyment.

Erica said...

Have a peaceful weekend, dear. :-)

ronnie said...

Beautiful pictures Raven.

Have a lovely weekend.


Pink said...

Enjoy your weekend!

Mine isn't for relaxation. It's for spanking...and I'm already super sore. But there will be more...



Anonymous said...

Lovely pics...fourth shot at leaving a comment! Maybe it's my iPad having a bad day...have a lovely weekend x

Raven Red said...

To everyone that left comments: I had quite an okay weekend, thank you! I perfected the art of doing nothing.



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