Ball obsessed

I am not sure whether it is only me that has noticed how men are obsessed about balls. Every Saturday you will find them with eyes fixed on the television, watching other men hitting, chasing, throwing and fighting for balls. They will inform you with zealous fervour that they could manage this ball thing better than the guy on television could, that some of the people should have NEVER been chosen to play with balls...blah blah blah. Some of these ball "games" in my opinion reflects nothing more than some deep-rooted fixation with things that has nothing to do, with what they refer to as sport. Golf is a good example.

The ultimate goal is to get a very small ball into a hole, and the winner is to make sure that his ball reaches the final hole with the least strokes performed. For this he uses implements refer to as woods and irons. He gets very excited if he can manage a Birdie or an Eagle. It is rather amazing that, there is no direct reference to "Chicks" I might add. If he manages a hole in one, well, his day is made, and it pretty much ensures that fellow golfers are in awe of him. He might use terms as rimmed, shagging, sweet spot, kitty litter, shaft, twosome, foursome, whipping and worm burner.

Now imagine if girls changed the rules of these ball-obsessed sports a bit? Let say, soccer...eh football - a minor change in sportswear, perhaps? Will men then admit why they are actually so obsessed with balls?

Oh, and if anyone is wondering about my bottom that is most definitely going to be in trouble after this post, well...

I was informed by HH that my little exchange of wit with Uncle Nick on Facebook was regarded as an "outburst", and that I clearly have not learned my lesson from my last paddling. Seeing that I am already in trouble, I really am from the opinion that I am only changing the depth. I am applying the principle of while the going is good...?


joeyred51 said...

In America, that problem has been solved. There is a "touch football" (American style) league with ladies dressed in bikinis. Cheers.

Scarlet Fanny said...

It makes me think of the group AC/DC and their song "Big Balls". 'He's got big balls and she's got big balls but, we've got the biggest balls of them all.'

Raven Red said...


Eh...but you still have not answered the question re the obsession thing with balls?



Raven Red said...


LOL!! This most might lead to me being "Thunderstruck!"....



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