Spanking dedications (Raven's way)

Again, it is a bright sunny winter’s day...and I am quite in a wonderful mood. So much so, that I thought I will dedicate this post to some of the men that I know (directly and indirectly).

To the love of my life, Uncle Nick, that when presented with a glimpse of a bottom in a public place, can be awarded the Statue of the Year Imitator (pigeons and all) price...
To the man who always seems to take sides with Uncle Nick, and for whom I will definitely not be coming back from my trip bearing spanking gifts again (whisper - I have not told HH yet that I want to try to see the workshop of the London Tanners...)
Then for the famous MarQe - who has been so tolerant of my comments - only now and again letting go with a slight threat or a "Grrr". Very domesticated as well, he often tells me how he is polishing some wooden object or another. He also has impeccable taste in panties...and apparently coffee shops that serves cake.
To a master of words, wit and humour, although he thoroughly dislikes being compared to fairy tale characters, but has such a love for Victoria's Secret, that he is currently sending his resume to every store in the world for a shop assistant position. Wishing you the best, Wordsmith!

Then to the man that makes me feel that I am back at school, anxiously awaiting those exam results that are (well most of the time) put up for everyone to see if you made the grade or not. Chross is a man of few words - he rather does remind me of a teacher I had...
For Paolo in Dublin that sometimes asks questions that forces me to think before I reply - one can never be too careful. It seems that questions from spankers always have a right and wrong answer and mine somehow falls in the latter group. I mean, why ask if I need a spanking if you think the answer should be yes?


Britt said...

I love the pictures! :)

Raven Red said...

Happy that you enjoyed Brit!



Anonymous said...

So that's who sent those hot girls over! Would you believe they all had different samples from VS on under their outfits? Very thoughtful of them to show me, and agree to take part in my fabric impact tests. VS are going to be so impressed, my new job is a safe bet! There did seem to be an underlying colour-fastness problem though, with significant redness evident under the fabric in all cases - I tried pulling knickers down every time, but it only seemed to make things worse...more studies needed I reckon. Perhaps you could persuade them to visit again? ;-)

MarQe's Study said...


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