J Lo - A Spanking tale Raven Red's way

She was only having fun...

Although she was not the only one ...

See the prayer? "Please, please turn to this side..."

It did not go unnoticed though, for suddenly:
"Young Lady? What do you think you are you wearing?"

"My dressing room. NOW"

And it clear that the lady behind her on the right knew what was about to come....


dublin.paolo said...

oh please please tells us what happened in that dressing room ;-)

wordsmith said...

Yes, with pictures and sound effects! What a strange dress, someone should tell her about shorts ;-)

Raven Red said...


Now that would be spank and tell!



Raven Red said...


I would never be able to think that you are a demanding man...(GRIN)

Sad thing about that dress, apart from the fact that they ran out of material...she most probably paid a fortune for it.



Pink said...

I LOVE that dress. It is the ultimate tease. Would I wear it in public? I wouldn't dare. But I can well imagine D's reaction to it if I were to waltz into his home in it.

I wonder if scissors and superglue can reproduce it?

Raven Red said...

Miss Pink

When you are done with the dress, scissors and superglue - can I PLEASE have a photo! Somehow I gather that you might just decide to move the missing material section a bit further to the rear?(LOL)



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