We draw near

As this music was written for the voice to be nothing more than an instrument
That the listener is not distracted and only hears the harmonised sound,
My soul reaches out for you,
In search for my own melody,
The song that sets me free from my own boundaries.

Deep in the night, when silence folds around me,
I close my eyes, and remember.
The tips of my fingers feeling the heat of your body,
In my memories, I am tracing your face
And I feel your feather light kiss against my palm.

I feel your arm underneath my hand as I we walk together,
I marvel at the strength within.
I can smell you, as I bury my head against your chest,
My tears staining your shirt,
Yet you never let go.

I feel the imprint of your hand against my skin,
The pain, the redness, the desire for you
My breath catches as my body shudders
Caught between defiance and submission,
 I surrender my soul to you, over and over again.

As I hear the rich timbre of your voice,
The sternness, the lightness, the laughter
In this stillness of an African autumn night,
My soul reaches out for you, the distance of no consequence,
For it is nothing more than Adiemus...we will draw near...

 (Music: Adiemus, Karl Jenkins)


Velvet said...


That is so beautiful, the words, the pictures, the music. Just beautiful.

May time speed to the moment you are together again... and then slow and almost stop, so that every sensuous second may be enjoyed.


Velvet <3

Emanuele Lombardi said...

I don't usually enjoy poetry but when I visit I find what you have written compelling and I have to slow down and savor the words and images. It is so worth it!!


Anonymous said...

"Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you" - Maori Proverb. Lovely post x

Dioneo said...

Beautiful poem, Raven! My favorite part lines are
"I can smell you, as I bury my head against your chest, /
My tears staining your shirt."
The intimacy of this moment is wonderful.

I also love that song!

Raven Red said...


Thank you so much for your wonderful wishes. I do miss him at times so badly, that the hurt seems overwhelming.



Raven Red said...


Thank you! And a huge HUG to you for your kind words.


Raven Red said...


I promise I will behave - just this once, and from the bottom of my heart say thank you.



Raven Red said...


Thank you. I absolutely adore Karl Jenkins - to me it is the ultimate music to use for relaxation...



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