I rather be paddled...

I have firmly established in these past few days that even though I absolute hate and detest a paddle,
I would willingly bent over than:

Booking a plane ticket that meant that I had to be at an airport at 5am on a winter’s morning 

Be a cost saving idiot, and being stuck in what must be the smallest airplane seats in the world and right between two prospective contestants of "The Biggest Loser"

Believing that a crime photographer will be at the police station within the next fifteen minutes, effectively resulting that not only I had to wait for nearly five hours, but only to leave the station at 4am in the morning

Trying to sleep in a hotel, putting up the "Do not disturb sign", not taking into account that they decided it will be the perfect day to do some window washing

Get so involved in what I am doing that I totally forgot to eat, and when the hunger pains struck, the only open place was Macdonald’s - a real haven for someone on diet!

However, as I am home now, none of the above applies anymore!



Anonymous said...

I would rather be paddled too but would rather be not just as well. Hope you have gotten your sanity back. Hugs!

Velvet said...

Glad you are back safely, stunning pictures: I especially like the rope-work...


Velvet <3

Anonymous said...

Does not sound promising for tomorrow's weigh-in.
I have a feeling that you are going to dislike the paddle even more in the cold weather we are currently experiencing.

Anonymous said...

Eek, doesn't sound a good trip, hope you are ok!

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