Killing the Spanking Golden Goose?

The offer on the table was that your college tuition will be paid for , free accommodation and that you will receive a $300 weekly allowance. The catch? In return, you will abide by the Spencer Scholarship Plan, which meant that if you break certain rules such as failing to report in or have a drink, you would be spanked.

Okay, now that does not sound too difficult, and it is obviously what some young women thought when they enrolled in Henry Allen Fitzsimmons’s tuition plan. However, it all went spankingly wrong. The fifty-four year old restaurant owner are now accused of taking things to far, and a judge decided on 19 May 2011 that a grand jury should consider whether Henry should be indicted on charges of felony abduction and sexual penetration.

The women are complaining that he did not only spank them, but he also used leather straps or a horse riding crop, and that they allowed him to spank them on their bare bottoms because they feared him. A 21-year-old women testified that when she joined the program last year November, she was spanked and was given $300, an ocean front apartment to live in, and a weekly allowance thereafter of $200. She had to abide by rules including walking twenty blocks a day, keep a record of her meals and to refrain from using drugs. Non-compliance to these rules meant that she would be spanked. She complained that he sexually assaulted her with a curtain rod, hairbrush and a horse-riding crop.

I am the first to admit that abuse and violence against women make me see red, especially living in a country where it seems to be a widespread problem, however, where this story is concerned, I do have a couple of questions about the validity of the complaints.

The Spencer Plan is on the internet, including a website run by Henry, where the offer of tuition, accommodation and an allowance is made in an exchange agreement to rules versus consequences, which in a nutshell boils down to spanking. It seems that all the women, mostly single struggling mothers and former drug addicts, who took up the offer, knew what the agreement was about.

There was no problem until April, when one of the women was accused of stealing money from his restaurant, and was fired because of it. A week later, six women began filing charges against him, however, her complaint as well as two other women’s whose only complaints were that they had been spanked, were dropped on the 19th May. According to the attorney for Henry Fitzsimmons, two women asked to remain in the programme after Henry threatened to terminate the agreement.

So, to conclude, from November last year up and until April, at least six women had a place to live in and were given allowance money per week. They were taken out for extravagant nights out on the town, and one of the women was even the recipient of a car. It rather does seem strange that the disagreement only started after one of these women was fired for theft.

I am left wondering whether this is not merely the actions of women when realizing that not only was the golden goose not willing to compromise on his rules, he was not letting go of his eggs freely, they should rather attempt a kill? I am, very cynically, I might add, waiting for the civil suits to follow….


Anonymous said...

These women also stated that there was no contractual agreement signed but, Henry himself produced proof of the opposite showing their signatures on the Spencer Plan document. This one woman who was caught for stealing easily had a revenge plot in mind after her firing and got the other women to go along with her. They seem to be in it more for the money than anything else. Yes, he used implments to spank them but, they would have noted that the Spencer Plan can include the use of implments other than just hand and it also includes the express statement of "bare bottom". You have to consider the source here, former drug abusers and transients who fully agreed to the terms in order that they would become better for it and then they turn on the man who gave them everything simply because one of them got rightly fired for stealing. I'm still on the fence about it but, the more I read, the more I'm on his side. If they couldn't take the heat, they should have stayed out of the kitchen and never signed the agreement. Yes, he does have a predicliction for spanking but, he was also helping these women get some real discipline in their lives before they went too far down the wrong path.

Brett B said...

I don't know enough to judge who was right or wrong or what was legal or illegal, but I think this Fitzsimmons made himself very vulnerable to getting into trouble. IMHO, spanking and adult discipline should be between people doing it for the right reasons, and it should start on a personal level, not by bribing disadvantaged strangers to take spankings that they may not really want. Not only is that kind of sleazy to me, but it looks like a situation bound to go wrong at some point.

Anonymous said...

Wonder if any of them just kept to the rules? Don't seem particularly arduous! They don't seem to be complaining they were spanked unfairly :-) Still I'm with Brett really.

Uncle Nick said...

I agree with Scarlet Fanny. The girls only complained when one of them was caught thieving and the prosecution looks as if it is a desperate attempt to justify all the man hours that would otherwise go down the drain when it was realised that all this was consensual. As for the reasons why the girls agreed, who cares? They did and received their agreed fees in cash and kind.

crankyspanker said...

I have read about this story and although I think this fellow was asking for problems it still appears to be consensual and legal since he was not paying for sex.


Lea said...

It seems a bit fishy to me. All the more reason to keep spanking seperate from your work life and associations.

Anonymous said...

A seperate "spank account"? What rate of interest do you get? :D

Formerly naughty Ed said...

As farasI'm concerned,the only mistake Spencer made was penetrating those women.I was cured of a 25 year drug addiction by a woman who drug tested me frequentlyand handcuffed me and sternly spanked me when I tested positive.I wanted to quit drugs,and tried many times,and failed miserably.Compassion and dicipline are powerful motivators. However,there isnt a rehab program on the planet that will work if you don"t want to stop using drugs.

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