Mars, Venus and a Spanker

I realised that the book "Men are from Mars and Woman are Normal er..from Venus,
does have some validity.
This is a girl that is very tired, like me...

but for some reason I suspect that HE will not see that she is exhausted...
only how near "perfect" her position might be...
It is for that reason, that I decided any future heat testing of bathwaters,
with anyone nearby that might misinterpret innocent actions,
should strictly happen alone and behind a closed...no change that...a locked door.


Emily Winters said...

Testing the waters...?
get a deadbolt, my dear...or two.

dd said...

You've only just realised that testing the waters might be a trifle misguided?!

wordsonthebottom said...

Lovely Pics! Where do you find them :D

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