You are joking, right???


MarQe's Study said...

Seems quite reasonable to me? Naughty girls have to do as they are told, or else !!

MQ x

Anonymous said...

No way would I do that! I'd be up and relaxing in his chair until I heard him coming down the hallways and then quickly re-assume position. I never do as I'm told. That's boring.

bree512 said...

High-fives Scarlet Fanny. I agree with what she said. Giggles.

Erica said...

I would never even assume that position, let alone stay in it! Humpphhh.

MarQe's Study said...

Hmmmm! I think some 'Extra' just in case punishments will be meted out to any girls I leave alone from now on ! see what you've done ladies !

Pink said...

I wonder if THEY'VE ever stood like that for an extended period of time. I think it should be a requirement -- before giving instructions like that, they need to assume the position and hold it.


scarlet said...

Pink, I agree with you.
Moreover, wearing high heeled-shoes.
In my case, I would faint if I a am in that position more than a few minutes.
I am being a little dramatic,who am I intending to deceive?

Anonymous said...

What a fuss over a simple little order! You can always wiggle a bit if you get tired :D

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