What turns you on?

"So what turns you on?"
As I sat staring at the person, multiple scenarios were racing through my mind.

The quiet voice that says "Stop it" or "Shush" that sends delicious shivers down my back?

A face with no expression, eyebrow slightly raised, waiting for you to stutter into silence with the fluttering of hundreds of butterflies in your stomach?

In a shopping mall, pulled against his body, held tight, while he softly, but slowly and clearly informs me of consequences, that my knees go week and a warmth fill my body?

Knowing that he will be pulling me over his lap, and I will feel his hand lowering my knickers, my shame and humiliation mixed with a willingness, sending my heart racing so fast, that I can barely breathe?

Being held, with a burning and sore bottom, nuzzling into his neck, and indecisive if I am still shuddering from the spanking or whether it is from the desire, the heat and moisture between my legs?

Knowing that I am his, reduced into submission, for his pleasure and mine?

Flicking through the paint samples, I eventually am able to say,
“Er...If I were you, I will go with the burgundy red"


Erica said...


bree512 said...

I'd say....all of the above. Yeah...

Dioneo said...

Delightful, Raven! Burgandy red is one of my favorite colors. Such passion! Your poetry is exquisite here and the images make fine pairings.

Raven Red said...


Needed a cold shower after all that...(GRIN)



Raven Red said...


Happy that you clearly enjoyed! :)



Raven Red said...

Thank you Dioneo!



Velvet said...

Brilliant Raven,

Sizzlingly hot with your wonderful humourous twist at the end. I do so love how you write,

Velvet <3

wordsonthebottom said...

I have to pinch that last picture. I knew you'd understand :)

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