I have done it again...

Okay. So, I have managed to do it again. It lasted for a couple of months, (give me the credit for that), but last week my control slipped. Well, to be honest, "slipped" might not be an accurate description. I lost it, completely and utterly.

In my defence, I was tired, cranky and after being stuck at a traffic light for more than 30 minutes, not an ounce of patience was left in my body. The law-abiding fools (like me) sat in this never-ending queue, while others would zoom past; create their own lane, resulting in a traffic jam of note. When I finally managed to get to the front of the queue, having to turn right, the collective taxi driver did his utmost to fit his vehicle next to mine. He failed. The joy of owning a huge 4x4 (or otherwise known as a SUV)!

(Snippet of conversation with Uncle Nick)

"So the traffic light changed, and as I started to turn right, he drove over the traffic island, and cut me off"
"We then had a bit of a verbal conversation" (well I was verbal to the extreme, I might add)
"He then gave me the middle finger, and showed me with his hand to bring it on"
Silence (both parties - I was already having serious doubts in the wisdom of sharing this tale)
"So what did you do?"
"Er...I did. Bring it on, I mean. I er...nudged forward, until I was pinning his taxi down against the guardrail with my car's bullbar"
Snort of laughter, immediately followed by a heavy silence.

No damage to my car or the bullbar - some scrapes on side of taxi.
(He did try his utmost thereafter to get me to drive into the back of the taxi, by slamming on his brakes - but by then, my sanity had returned - and the song "Bat out of hell" was going through my head when I made sure that I am definitely going into an opposite direction than him...)
A lecture about my death wish, my temper and that I should know better.
Moleskin notebook made an appearance...an entry was made - with a threat that I will be eating standing up for a week or something...

My possible way out of having food in a standing position?
(Still needs some refining and work though...)
I distinctly did hear that snort of laughter!


Anonymous said...

I had a look for a head shaking smiley, but can't seem to find one. Just have to settle for some tutting and sighing...though the image of you running amok in a 4x4 is rather amusing! :P

Lea said...

Taxi drivers are totally insane. Just sayin'. I'm completely on your side, Raven.

Raven Red said...


Running amok is not quite the right description I think. I rather for the first time in my life ever!) drove into another car, a taxi of all things, very deliberately. As both Uncle Nick and HH very er...adamantly stated - People have taken bullets in this country for less.
To be honest, I am realising every day more and more, that I need to get out of this country. Everyday you see more and more of the choas creeping in, and as hard as what I try to do the right thing always, I know that whatever is going wrong here, it can no longer be stopped.
My terrible anger comes from the gun that was against my head, the death threats because I do my job as I am paid for, the exposure to a hatred that has included crude and explit rape threats against me - the white b*tch. The general and quite fast decline in morals, abiding to basic laws - most of the time, I am okay. But on that particular day - I totally and utterly lost it.
As I said to Uncle Nick - what sent me over the edge was the expression on his face. He knew he was scaring and intimidating me...

Raven Red said...


Thanks! (Somehow I doubt though that it is going to save my bottom!)



Anonymous said...

Jo'Burg is in a class of its own.
From the tourist guide:

"TAXI drivers are on course for compulsory specialist training that will include advanced driver training and safety, and customer care"

Well, that's a relief.

Seriously, I am a bit concerned :-) May be a few weeks in these quiet but generally safe shores will persuade you to stay - claim sanctuary! xx

Raven Red said...


I would love to stay, but I first need to find a job, that offers a Visa at the same time. To claim sanctuary apparently does not work that easily.

bree512 said...

Raven! Very intense stuff.

I sometimes have road rage also, but I would never try to ram my car into another. Well, unless I was in an action film. Verbal ramming is another story, though. I do that.

Sometimes I just cannot help it.

Yay! I am glad you are happy again.

Can I borrow some of your photos please?


Raven Red said...


Cannot quite call it road rage...taxi rage, sick and tired of SA rage maybe...

I am happy that I am happy too, and of course you can...



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