Play Munch

In about four weeks time I will be arriving in the UK. The first activity... make that the second activity I am going to be involved in? At lunchtime, I will be joining a “Play Munch”. Okay, now for clarity sake, for this South African woman, the word “munch” normally refers to the appetite status of someone that inhaled a bit of greenery that is deemed illegal to smoke. You know...”I have the munchies...” I do believe that food and drink will be available, but this will be my first experience of people getting together where spanking is the main thread that all connects us.

I still cannot quite understand what munching has to do with a spanking get together, but then on the other hand, when in the UK do what the British do...not the tea thing though. At certain things in life, I still firmly draw the line. Back to the Play Munch thingy...Uncle Nick is slightly concerned that I might be a tad too tired after the long flight, but then I do tend to be far to curious for my own good. There is NO way that I am not going. I will be meeting people that I have chatted to on Facebook, seeing the real person, hearing a voice...plainly put: I cannot wait!

However, I do hope that any hands itching to get to my bottom will realise that one should not mess with a woman that just had a 12 hour flight, was nicotine deprived and to top it all up, had to go through customs. I have decided that I will be on best behaviour, not backchat anyone, will be demure and properly behaved. I rather do think one should be as nice as possible with UK Customs officials.



Have a good trip. Sounds like it might be fun, apart from the nicotine deprivation that is.


dd said...

Raven, how can you not do tea? And which one do you mean, the one you drink, which is one of my main forms of sustenance, or the one you eat with cucumber sandwiches and loads of scrummy scones and cakes?

Munches are a fairly new term to me too, which I suspect means it may have been imported from across the pond.

BBH hates me smoking but has never described it as depraved! UK customs officials cannot be worse than ones I've come across in Africa, in a similar cranky mood.

Raven Red said...


Thanks - and trust me on this one - I know exactly where the smoking zone is in Terminal 1 at Heathrow...



Raven Red said...


Tea is not my favourite drink - even with scones and cucumber sandwiches. (Although I will have the scones, and the jam..and the cream...SIGH)

Depraved...oops. Spelling mistake - but on the other hand - I think it was the mere thought of being stuck on a plane for nearly 11 hours without a bit of Vitamin N intake that created the shortcut in the brain...(GRIN)



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