Spanking clips, DUI and English weather

The idea:
There are certain times when I do question my own sanity. Today was one of those days - in actual fact, the questioning into my cognitive functioning actually started yesterday morning, as soon as what the words: " Let's make a spanking clip" left my mouth. I am no actress, to that my looks and purse can sadly testify, and previous attempts at role-playing left me helplessly in tears - from laughter. So, to make matters worse, after the first couple of words were uttered, I added that the spanking clip should be linked to one of the outstanding “misunderstandings" between me and Uncle Nick in order for me to react in a genuine fashion.

The " What was I thinking!" moment 
An incident of driving after having a drink or two, turned into a drunk driving offence with any changes of wiggling my way out of it, disappearing like the sun in English rain. I did rather fervently prayed last night that today would bring bright sunshine - one should explore and not stay indoors while the sun does shine over here - but the steady dripping of rain against the windows dashed that hope early this morning. My attempt to sleep late due to " exhaustion" was further nipped in the bud by Uncle Nick whispering that he had decided that my errant ways in not only disobeying him, but that of the laws of a country were to be rewarded by twenty-four strokes of the cane by lunchtime today.

Current...er... "status":
My first ever spanking or rather caning now captured on footage being edited by Uncle Nick. I did have a look at it - but the involuntary clenching of my bottom muscles in sympathy soon put an end to that. We did go out for dinner afterwards- and what was comfortable chairs yesterday had for some strange reason changed overnight into the most unyielding and uncomfortable seats. I have been knicker-less since lunchtime - and it is not that I am that daring; it is a sheer question of trying to keep anything away from touching a very sore, rather striped and red bottom. And I am now going to bed, to sleep on my stomach, and to repeat the following mantra: "You will NOT have any more bright bottom ideas..ever."


bree512 said...

Twenty-four strokes of the cane! You are a better bottom than I. Are you sure it was your idea to do the video? Maybe, you were just delerious and thought you said that. I wouldn't blame yourself. These Tops can be very wily like coyotes. Next time try to be more of a Road Runner. Hope you get the reference.

Sounds like you are having a wonderful time.


dd said...

Uh, oh, Raven...should have warned you that those on the British Isles mean business! And the cane seems to be one of thier favourite businesses *sigh*

You have to learn diversionary techniques, incidentally saying "I'm going shopping" rarely works, unless it's to the butchers for a really good steak :)

Incidentally, v sorry I couldn't get hold of that moleskin notebook, but you failed to give me advance notice of your arrival and I was in pastures distant. Sure it wasn't too much of a probelm :)

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