Between a Dentist and a Spanker...

I managed to break a tooth yesterday, which for most of last night left me scrounging around for any pain medication that might alleviate the fire in my face, whilst fervently praying for daybreak so that I could visit a dentist. The fact that I absolutely fear a dentist, diminished with the pain - agony was a clear winner over any misgivings of looming needles that will "only be a small prick" (yes sure!) and shrieking drilling machinery in my mouth.

As is habit, I performed my early morning messenger greeting to HH - who in turn had read my blog posting for Saturday, where I SO very nicely declared my absolute need to be spanked. Obviously, the gentleman that he is quickly offered me a spot for later in the day - which would have turned out to be three hours after my dentist appointment. As I rolled my eyes at myself, I thought that it can only be me - without any great effort or difficulty, I again had put myself between a hard place and a rock. However, I totally forgot about the bit of space between the two...

An internal argument immediately started raging about which fear was conquering which - reporting to the dentist and leaving with a sore mouth, or reporting to HH and leaving with a sore bottom. In this process, my thought processes took a definite knock, and my small little comment (that should have not been uttered at all!) about hoping that he would be able to ensure that I remain in place, and not opt out as before, resulted in a conversation that made me totally forget about the dentist, his needles and the drill.

A rather detailed informative session followed mentioning words such as ropes, spanking benches, dungeons, St Andrew's cross, oh, and a tree...(rather do not ask). As my eyes widened, and nervousness left me quite wordless and unsure what to reply, I inadvertently took a sip of very hot coffee, totally forgetting that it should stay away from the left side of my face. The pain was short-lived, and the quick flash of fear when remembering about my upcoming dentist visit was brief - I had more important things to panic about! Somehow my glib little utterance was interpreted as an invitation, therefore accepted and I was the recipient of the RSVP.

I must be honest, I could not think of one thing to say in order to retract the "invitation" and back out gently without being detected...I still will have to work on that. Currently it is taking the form of a formal pledge to stay in place, not move and so on...It did appear though that the gods above took some mercy on me - HH postponed the spanking until tomorrow afternoon, but as I left for the dentist, the gods gleefully displayed their perverted sense of humour again. I received this last little message from HH..."Had an additional thought – thinking about making a birch from the willow tree in my garden for tomorrow". I wonder if I would be able to schedule another dentist’s appointment - perhaps for the whole day?


dd said...

Raven, that sounds like somewhere between a rock and a hard place, ouchy either way! I would probably take the spanking rather than the dentist, I'm sure HH was joking about the St Andrew's Cross and whatnot!

I am a complete wimp about dentists and BBH has to threaten me to go! Last time instead of the surface anaesthetic before the needle they gave me a sedative, unfortunately I had failed to mention that I tend to over-react to such drugs and they had to call BBH to come and collect me when I was still woozy four hours later. He was not particularly happy!

bree512 said...

That's the spirit, Raven!!!

Anonymous said...

@dd Raven has a strange way of asking for things. There was no doubt at all that her comments were starting to point in the direction of Bondage!
Now I have never been into bondage and have no skills in this area - yet. However, one of the ladies I spank on a regular basis is in the process of building a dungeon - which will include all the equipment Raven mentioned and more.
Raven's musings led me to put 1 and 1 together and reach 3.
I am not joking and have already cleared using her dungeon with Missy Scarlett. Sadly it will not be ready for today's spanking. She assures me that it will be ready for the next spanking Raven receives.
So she probably has three weeks or so, to anticipate a brand new experience!!

Raven Red said...


You have NO idea how much I actually fear a dentist. I have no valid explanation - but I am of the firm believe that if you put fully equiped dentists in the frontline of an army - you will gain instant victory! (GRIN)

Erm...if you read HH's comment that came after yours, I am still very unsure about the joking bit. Panic levels reasonably heightened currently.



Raven Red said...


Thanks. I think I am going to need a lot more in the near future.



Raven Red said...


Any possibility that you are open to bribes?



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