Open Drawers

 He tells you that he thinks you should get yourself a pair of open drawers....

You can admire your bottom anytime - happy for all those hours in the gym.

Uncertainty whether his request for you to bend over is based on the same admiration.

It was not! All you have left is a sore and red bottom due to unrestricted access.

Open drawers are lovely,
however their safety record in terms of bottom preservation is quite appalling.
So, in answer to his request, 
I think I will opt having the attitude of the lady at the till ...


bree512 said...

Raven, I have one of those. They are not as fully accessible as you might think. He did not ask that I get them, though. It was my own idea. It was supposed to be a surprise. He became impatient and wanted more of an unobstructed area to work with. They didn't stay on too long.

I am having a hard time figurung out if that was a pro or con for these things. Wearing them did feel delicously different. Still not sure.

Raven Red said...


They rather look like a con to me (GRIN)
I prefer body armour. :)



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