Like everybody else, I have my dreams, some of them have come true, some I do hope, will still come true, and there are others, which I know, will never be.

I am an explorer by heart, always keen to indulge in the joys that the new and the old in the world have to offer. I have experienced the idyllic beauty of the Seychelles and walked on the white beaches with turquoise waters lapping at my ankles. I always wanted to visit the USA, to experience a bit of its own uniqueness, and visiting Nashville seemed the right thing to do. My long awaited dream of travelling to the UK, in the end turned in to so much more, but it was a dream come true. I still have dreams of being able to see the Northern Lights, have a trip on the Oriental Express and to be surrounded by snow-covered mountains in Switzerland.

Growing up in a home where music was such an integral part of my life, I have experienced the joy of musical shows such as African Footprint, Ipi Tombi, Cats and the Phantom of the Opera. I have been at concerts that featured classical genre, listening to The Ten Tenors, El Divo, The Drakensburg Boys Choir and the Soweto Gospel Choir. I have been at operas such as Aida, Carmen, Madame Butterfly, The Barber of Seville, and I have even heard Handel’s Messiah in Zulu. I still want to hear the Vienna Boy Choir, go to an opera in London or experience a musical show on Broadway.

I have been an avid fan of Rammstein, a metal band from Germany for as long as what the group has been in existence, which is about sixteen years. I have the DVD’s, the albums but could only dream of attending a concert in person. Late last year the band unexpectedly announced a visit, two concerts only, in South Africa. After last night, I am tired, has a very sore throat, aching legs but I was there! I saw and heard them, and it was another experience to savour for a long, long time.

However, even though another dream has come true, the one dream that I want the most, is yet to come true.Uncle Nick has teasingly shown his disdain with some of my taste in music, but on my way last night, his voice softened as he told me to go and enjoy myself, and just have fun. How I would have loved to come back last night, and instead of doing a Skype call, be able to walk into his arms, show him the photos, let him see my excitement and happiness, in not only another dream that has come true, but also the pure joy to come home to him.

How I will love to know that when I am to be pulled over a lap, that it will be his, and his only. To be able to hear only his voice when he lectures, to know that the heat and redness that I feel, is his hand against my bottom, and to know that I will be able to curl into the comfort of only his arms afterwards...

But for now, I can only dream.


Anonymous said...

I hope one day that dream will come true but till then.............. Dream happy dreams


Raven Red said...

CB, hope that the one day is not to far away...and I will, dream happy dreams, that is..



Hermione said...

Raven - You have very eclectic tastes, and I'm glad some of your dreams have come true. I hope the dream of coming home to Uncle Nick's embrace fulfils itself too, one day.

I've been to Nashville too. Pretty neat, eh?


Raven Red said...


Where my music taste is concerned, it still confuses my father, who is a classical purist by heart. His daughter, trained in classical piano, listening to all these "other noises you allege are music?" I am SURE you can see the shake of the head, and the utter disgust...LOL

I loved Nashville. Saw so many wonderful things in the area - I do think the highlight was the Ruby falls (underground waterfall).

And I fell in love with the people...although I had to repeat myself continiously, most of them have never heard a "real life" South African. (GRIN)

I do hope that my going home to Nick happens, and quickly as well.

Michelle Carlyle said...

Awesome. Love. Your. Work.




dd said...

Raven, I am sure that all your dreams will come true, and just think what fun you will have when you take Uncle Nick to some of your more esoteric concerts :)

BBH is often scathing of my music, but recently when we were clearing out CDs he was the one protecting mine!

Raven Red said...

Thank you SO much for the kind words.
And you have excellent taste in music!!

Lots of hugs


Raven Red said...


To be honest, the chances of me being able to drag Uncle Nick off to a concert of my choice, is less than zero. (GRIN)

However, I also know that even with all his disdain and mocking of my music tastes, he loves the fact that I can so totally enjoy myself. I do know though, that he still thinks I am slightly strange... ;)



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