For some odd reason, there are people (trolls online and in the real world alike) that are under the illusion that they have been blessed with the right to judge, and make remarks or comments, regardless whether they are wrong or right. I have been on the receiving side of it at work for a solid month now; I have had a comment or two on posted on my blog and know of other bloggers that had been granted the same privilege of receiving some “enlightened” remarks. As it is in my nature, to be an assisting kind hearted soul, I have decided to compile some guidelines, to assist them in their misguided mission of righteousness.

Guideline 1: To assess IQ Levels.
 IQ is the abbreviation for Intelligence quotient.  More information is available online, ask someone to assist you – I am sure they will more than willing to Google it for you.  I am very sure that I might not see you soon again; comprehension is rather more difficult than plain reading. However, in the event that you do feel you can return victoriously, convinced that your statements of “Fool, idiot, no IQ levels, etc” have been substantiated, just a small reminder that there is a difference between IQ levels and Intelligence.   

Guideline 2:  Judging Humour
Western humour theory begun with Plato...okay, I see I have lost you. Humour is the ability to laugh, to appreciate that life is not THAT serious. Oh dear, we do have a problem, don’t we? Let us revert to rule number 1 – in order to make comments regarding my or anyone else’s humour, you, yourself should have a sense of humour. It will also help if you have somewhat of an open mind. Nothing?? Erm...have you ever been tested to determine your IQ levels and intelligence?

Guideline 3: Character statements
I am so sorry to inform you, but you have scored a zero on the NEO PI-R personality test. You do not know what I am talking about? Okay, in plain simple English, it is referred to the personality test measuring elements of openness to experience.  Briefly, people who are highly open to experience tend to be politically liberal and tolerant of diversity.  Therefore, they are generally more open to different cultures and lifestyles. They are lower in ethnocentrism ...oh, sorry, that is referring to pride, vanity, believing in your own superiority and having contempt for others...traits that are clearly entrenched in you.

Word of Advice:
Unless you have the capability to realise that we are all different human beings, each of us with our own personality, sense of humour and quirks, and that no one is actually more superior than the other, my word of advice to you is that if I you do not have anything nice to say, rather do not say a word...I am not into toxic waste.

Note to my friends and readers:
 I do apologise for the non-spank posting, but as a person that loves being spanked and does not have one spanker bone in her body, these recurring visions of me yielding a whip and turning self-righteous, close minded individuals’ bottoms a shade of red that has never been seen before,  are rather concerning.


Scarlet Fanny said...

I absolutely love this Raven! I, too have faced trolls in my day who have little more to do than insult me, criticise me and try to make me feel inferior. I'm all for you turning their bottoms nice dark shades of red. I'm a sub through and through but, I'd sure be willing to spank the tar out of the trolls. And, feel good about your post. Just because we are into spanking doesn't mean we are all about it. We have many sides to us and should feel we can post anything pertaining to our life and life views.

Emanuele Lombardi said...

Bravo Bravo

I used to post to other internet sites but I got so tired of being flamed that I just gave it up. You are right on point and I congratulate you.


Pink said...

Excellently put, Raven!

I'll pick up a crop for the cause. :)

ronnie said...

I love it Raven, well said.


Poppy said...

Like the others I am a sub through and through but I think my experience as a sub has taught me a bit about the cane. I am not behind you, I am right by your side.
Those people are vile little schmucks and they really need a better past time than trying to make other people as bad as they obviously do.

Erica said...

Well said, Raven. And those ugly pictures don't even begin to embody their nastiness.

To the trolls: STFU and go back under your rocks. You're not wanted.

Max Vantage said...

You tell 'em, Raven. If people are too small minded to understand our lifestyle, they should at least do us the courtesy of leaving us alone. Well written as usual. And straight to the point. Kudos to you

Raven Red said...


I fully agree. I am getting a bit tired of people that are so quick to make judgements or comments, so blinded by their own prejudices.
Have a different opinion to me, that is fine - but there is a difference between opinionated, and having a different opinion.

Lots of hugs


Raven Red said...


Thank you. Oh, and a huge hug to you!

Raven Red said...

Miss Pink

Thank you..I was running out of hands, already have a whip in the one, and a cane in the other. :)

Raven Red said...


Thank you. I am sure you noticed that I was slightly not friendly when writing the post..LOL. But goodness, these people obviously have no idea what it means to keep themselves busy in a constructive way...

Raven Red said...


I am SO with you. We will man the frontline...but somehow I think, when they see us coming...they will be running for the hills. Problem with people like this is that they are the biggest cowards under the sun.

Raven Red said...

LOL!! You tell them Erica! In a way I actually feel sorry for people like that, it must be a horrible existence not to be able to just enjoy life...

Raven Red said...


Thank you, and also a huge hug to you!


emilywintersfiction said...


Raven Red said...


LOl!! I gather that you are in agreement.



dd said...

Raven, atta girl! If you need any backup, have I mentioned I'm rather useful with a catapult :)

Raven Red said...

dd, you are a girl of MANY talents...good to know that you are on MY side! (GRIN)

Lots of hugs


dd said...

I'll bring BBH along as well. He loathes intolerance of any kind and really would not be happy for me to go into battle without him, He's very good at guarding my behind, well from anyone but himself :)

Raven Red said...

He is most welcome to come with.
I am sure that he will be the perfect planner for those sneak attacks when no-one is expecting it...men of his calibre are very good at that.
I think both our bottoms can testify to that...(GRIN)

emilywintersfiction said...

this is completely off topic, but how do i get my comments to show like yours?

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