Einstein versus Raven Red

Einstein's Theory:
Time and distance are not absolute.
Raven's Theory: 
It is an absolute given that time is required to put a greater distance between my bottom and any form of spanking implement.

Einstein's Theory:
General relativity proposed that gravity, as well as motion, can affect the intervals of time and of space.
Raven's Theory:
A swishing cane reaching target, results in an upward motion, temporarily defeating gravity, with relatively general prayers said for time to pass, in order to obtain safety in space between bottom and cane.

Einstein's Theory:
The gravity of any mass, such as a our sun, has the effect of warping the space and time around it.
Raven's Theory:
The gravity of the situation, such as a cane in full swing towards a bottom, has the effect of warping time (it seems never ending), and space (no matter how much space is put between cane and bottom - target remains reached.)

Raven's conclusion? 
I do not like Einstein. 


MarQe's Study said...

Taking on Einstein now Raven ? My Study!! Now!!!

MarQe x

Raven Red said...

and erm...NO.
"Applied science experiment of ensuring that time and distance, in this event, do not warp, and stays absolute."

Max Vantage said...

Excellent work, Raven, Not only are you a lady obviously enjoying her caning experience, but you are a gifted writer with a wonderful sense of humor in your work as well. Look forward to your next blog. Keep at it!

Brett B said...

Hehe. Way over my head, relatively speaking.

1/10 pound = 1 spank, I get. Dividing wood paddle by bare ass warps my space/time continuum.

Raven Red said...

Thanks Max...
LOL!! I have just deleted a comment where I have been called a fool, because I do not "understand" Einstein's theories...oh, and using them as a weak attempt at humour.
Erm...this poor soul...how awful it must be to have no joy in life. And to judge so quickly...wonder if he has ever read anything apart from the theories...Einstein had the most wonderful ability to laugh at himself.
Thought at first I should enter into a discussion with him, especially re the last theory that gave way to more theories around black holes...but then I though, with his lovely shining personality, he should actually just go back from where he comes from....some hole.

Lots of hugs


Raven Red said...


Why is it that the spanking bit is always the part that is understood??




Pink said...

Ha, this is great, Raven!

I wonder if Einstein didn't perhaps do some of his experiments using highly specialized OTK technology? Can you imagine? Einstein? His lectures would be interminable.




Anonymous said...

This is fabulous and you are far too clever to even think of spanking.

Raven Red said...

Thank you Miss Pink! Happy that you enjoyed it. Infinite lectures? Oh dear...bottoms permanently a shade of red?

Raven Red said...

Poppy, thank you!



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