Spanking Raven Red (Guest writer: HH)

During a recent conversation I had with HH, he indicated his desire to write a posting for my blog. So without any further ado...

Spanking Raven Red

I first met Raven about 6 months ago. We had a very brief exchange of messages on Yahoo and a quick lunch meeting before she decided to explore her deepest fantasy – she wanted to be spanked! She had never before been bent over and beaten – outside of the family circle.

When the appointed time arrived, an extremely nervous Raven presented herself at my office door. She could barely speak and the shake in her hands was visible. For those that know her, as I have over the past few months, this is not a situation to her liking. She needs and wants to be in control of all aspects of her being! Anyway, to cut a long story short, I gave her panty-clad bottom a good thrashing. If memory serves me correctly, it was a 6-of-the-best with a light cane.

Over the next few months, we upped her limits and the final caning for last year, if memory serves me right again, a “Bakers Dozen” all delivered on the bare. She insisted, incidentally, on removing her panties from the second spanking on. Her reason for doing so was that since I could not see precisely where the cane was landing that I had overlaid too many strokes in the same area. I also think that she realised that if she were going to become a true Spanko, it would have to be on the bare!

Over the months that we have been meeting, I have begun to explore with her, her need for regular and very hard, punishment style canings. I do not feel that it is entirely my place to divulge to her readers why she desires such harsh treatment. I am sure that in her own time she will provide her faithful readers with an understanding of her need – or maybe not. She is a very sensitive soul, despite what at times can be a very crusty, argumentative exterior, and takes umbrage very easily!

It was important for me to understand – and I mean really understand – what she wanted. Not only was I taking her to her limits, but I was also exploring my own. I have always spanked ladies for fun. The kind of spankings she desired was certainly beyond my usual limits and could hardly be described as “fun”. Once I understood her mind-set, it became a little easier to unleash the full wrath of a medium cane on her unprotected buttocks. It was never, until recently, ever more than a Baker’s Dozen.

I think the turning point came on her UK Holiday. Uncle Nick, or Nick Urzdown as some of you may know him as, and the London Spank Daddy, clearly started pushing her limits much further than I ever had! I think her last encounter with Uncle Nick – which is very adequately described in an earlier blog – resulted in some amazing gymnastics on the aircraft on the way home as she tried to keep her bruised bottom off the seat. Suffice to say that the Lochgelly Tawse, which was a present for me and caused the rumpus between Nick and her, was well used on her bare bottom a few weeks later.

Up to that point, I had certainly given Raven a number of harsh canings. Although I am careful not to break the skin by overlaying too many strokes in the same place, she has certainly accumulated a collection of welts and bruises that would make even the toughest Spankee squirm. In all the time I have been spanking her, she has never shed a tear. There have been the very occasional expletives, but never once has she whimpered or complained. My respect for her was mounting!

We often banter on IM when a spanking is coming up about the severity and how many strokes the next spanking will comprise. I always ask her how many she wants. I know she hates me doing so and I do it to rile her! Before our last session, her behaviour changed. She unequivocally stated she wanted 18 hard strokes. She wanted to be reduced to tears. She did also; want a shoulder to cry on afterwards and a big hug! I was somewhat taken back by this request as this kind of caning is usually well above my self-imposed limits. Even 12 were pushing me to an extreme with which I was not entirely comfortable. To set out to make her cry was more than I wanted.

When she arrived at my offices, she was more nervous than usual. I always sit her at the boardroom table and chat to her before we start. Sometimes, we will even have a drink before we hit the action. Again, as she has documented, the instrument of her pleasure/pain is always in sight. It may not be on the table in front of her, but it is usually in her eye line. Maybe I am a sadist at heart!!

Having disposed of the pleasantries, I instructed her to assume the position. This is usually kneeling over a chair back, which I know is not the most comfortable position for her! But hell, it gives me a great view of the target area. Before we had started, I had decided to give her six hard strokes and call it a day. I figured that would be more than enough, especially as her bottom was still carrying a few faint bruises from our last encounter some 4 weeks before!

After the sixth stroke landed, I said to her that I thought that that was enough. She turned around from her “head down, arse up” position and said to me “It is time you started to explore your limits!” Well that did it! The next 12 strokes were hard and accurate. Each one falling exactly where I wanted it. Minimal overlaying, but full coverage!

At the 14th stroke, she gave a slight shudder and I think that this is when the tears started to roll. I waited slightly longer before laying down the next four to give her a chance to gain her composure. It was a hiding of real significance, 18 hard, well-placed strokes with a Senior Cane. Not once did she react to a stroke, except after the 14th. She stoically soaked up the pain from what was an agonising caning without so much as moving a muscle!

I think the outcome was that Raven found the release she sought. I certainly had my limits pushed – I have to say, it is much easier pushing your limits when it is not your bum on the line! And finally, Raven earned huge respect! Would I go there again? I suppose when you are providing a service of this kind, you are obliged to put the Spankee's needs before your own. If that is what they want then it is the spankers responsibility to deliver. I still think that it is moving into a space in which I am not entirely comfortable. I may have the odd sadistic tendency, but do not really like physically hurting anyone to this degree.

It may be tacit in some of her blogs, but when you next read her writings, just know that this is one very brave Lady who deserves full respect!! She certainly has mine.

(Heavyhand now known as Ot Knee!!....thanks to FB)  


Hermione said...

HH, that was a very thoughful and revealing post. Raven is indeed a brave lady, and you seem to be very attuned to her needs.

Thanks for sharing that with us.


Pink said...

Thanks, HH, for this reveal of Raven -- a most interesting woman whose bravery is implicit in her every post.

It is interesting that you speak of having your limits pushed as well as pushing hers. I, selfishly, never thought of it like that.

You two seem to be building a great understanding of one another and I hope to read more about future limit pushing. Shall we make it an even 20 next time? ;)



ronnie said...

It seems from reading you have built up a great understanding. Such a revealing post HH, thank you for sharing.

You are a brave lady indeed Raven.


Raven Red said...

Hermoine, Pink and Ronnie

Thank you for the kind words concerning me, HH will comment tomorrow.

dd said...

HH, it seems the giver suffered as much as the receiver, a truly heartfelt post, thank you.

Raven, bruises 4 weeks later? Arnica, darling, arnica!

Anonymous said...

Thank you all for your kind comments. Raven has been hounding me to respond!
I am pleased that you enjoyed Raven's posting of my writing. It is not often that the Spanker gets to give their perspective - it is usually the Spankee bemoaning their unfortunate fate and telling the world that we are unfeeling brutes!!
Although I did wrestle with my conscience, I am sure that I did not suffer nearly as badly as Raven. It is tempting to suggest that I suffered more than she did and complain about sleepless nights - before and afterwards. This would simply not be true.
I think my issues stem from the fact that I was brought up to believe that one should never strike a woman - even with a feather! Domestic violence and abuse of women are complete anathema to me. This may well lead to me being called as to why I spank women. This may well be a future post that I will write for Raven's blog. Suffice to say, provided the caning is fully consensual and remains within the bounds of the recipients levels of safety, I am OK with what I do. I know that the last caning I gave Raven was certainly consensual and I do not think I came close to endangering her safety.
I suppose that these facts enabled me to overcome my conscience issues.
And yes Miss Pink, next time we may well explore further limits for both of us.
In closing, when you hear Raven calling me a "brute" or using words of a similar nature to describe me, don't believe a word she says!!
Lov ya all
HH aka OT Knee aka Ben( my new e-mail address is Bendover568@yahoo.com, hence the Ben)

Michelle Carlyle said...

Really admire you both. Your communication and approach to your relationship are perfect. So happy you found each other. You're a great guy, Ben. I'm so glad you and Raven found each other.

Raven Red said...

Hi Michelle

Thanks for the comments. I do agree, HH (aka Ben, aka OT Knee..lol) is the perfect disciplinarian.

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