Disciplined Savings?

To prevent hitting rock bottom, every girl should have a savings plan in place.
It should be designed around her, similar as when she shops for new knickers.
It should give her assurance that her bottom will never be found vulnerable and over exposed.
Nor should she ever have to worry about finding herself unexpectedly with her knickers down.
With all the money that she will save, she can buy brand spanking new things,
Without caring whether the stock market may have a smack or two during this time.
Obviously, she has to be disciplined, following the rules set down,
For the consequences could leave her more than only bare bottomed alone.

(Newspaper clipping from the Sunday Morning Post, Hong Kong)
Unsure whether the sketch is for real, however, if it is, I am rather certain that the author was in for quite a surprise to see how his financial advice was interpreted by the newspaper artist.
And eh...how he/she explained it away...


MarQe's Study said...

Surely a girl rarely feels so secure as when she is having a deposit made on her behalf by 'Sir!' into the RSB {Royal Spanking Bank} ... with a few extra's for that 20% Interest rate !!

MQ x

Raven Red said...



20% interest rate? Yea gods. Now that it is a scary thought. Rather do hope that "Sir" is not planning to be doing daily deposits.


Anonymous said...


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