A sweet reply...

It is about two weeks ago that I have paid HH a visit. Obviously very impressed with himself, he left a comment on my rather short, and not going into much detail, post the following day. It is not that I am unwilling to share the experience, but the sitting position does seem to become problematic after one of these visits. Anyway, back to HH, this is what he had to say:

“Raven's bottom did, I am afraid, suffer whilst bent over one of my chairs last night. After her blog on Monday - "I do not want to be caned" - I was somewhat mystified as to what she expected from me. I had, in any event, decided that last night's spanking would be less severe than the 18 strokes she received last time. After a longer than usual pre-spanking chat, I instructed her to assume the position.”

 Longer than usual? Eternity is shorter!

“Unfortunately, I do not have a couch in my office and Raven refuses to take her spankings bent over. Hence, the chair came into play. My initial inspection of the "target" revealed that there were still some bruises on the outer side of her right buttock. These were the result of her last caning 4 weeks ago! I immediately resolved that I had to avoid this area. I certainly do not want to do lasting damage. She has also complained that the majority of damage from most of the canings I have given her has been concentrated on her right cheek.”

Me? Refuse and complain? He must be mistaken.

“A different strategy was, therefore necessary. We started with six "whacks" on each cheek with the tawse she gave me for Christmas last year. It is a short-ish tawse and so in order to achieve full coverage, each cheek had to be dealt with separately :) This left her with a stinging and slightly glowing bottom.”

Note to self: Socks, and socks only for Christmas gifts.
And that little smiley so innocently inserted says it all!

“Raven does not mark easily at impact. The marks usually only come into their own a few hours later. It is somewhat difficult to know, especially with someone like Raven, whether one is hitting too hard or too softly. This is especially true given that she hardly issues a sound - even under the severest beating. I have learned over time to watch her toes. When she is very sore, they tend to curl up!”

I think it is rather a case of selective hearing...and yes, blame my toes!

“I decided to finish the session with six strokes of the cane. Since I had decided to avoid damaging her right cheek further, I had either to administer this caning left-handed, or to attempt a backhand stroke. I am predominantly right handed and frankly do not trust myself to do a left-handed caning. So backhand it was.”

The gods help anyone who wants to play a game of tennis against him...

“I have to say that I was very pleased with the outcome! Her right cheek had a couple of well-spaced impact marks. The left cheek was a glorious blaze of stripes - many of which had wrapped marginally. Although it was not a particularly hard caning, I think Raven was taken aback by the sting. Her left cheek is not nearly as de-sensitised as her right. As usual, she was very brave and stoical during the entire spanking. Barely muttering even an "ouch"”

Another note to self: Forget the socks; send pamphlet about hearing aids...

“I somehow do not think the effects of this spanking will last as long as the last caning she took. That is okay. She can always come back for a top-up mid-month...”

Wow, thanks HH, I am SO looking forward to seeing you on Monday...


Brett B said...

I think this post points out the responsibility that must be undertaken if a "top" is caring and conscientious in regard to their task. It's not just stand back, whack, whack, whack and be satisfied that she has been disciplined. As one with experiences as limited as mine, I often try to imagine what it would be like to wield an instrument such as a cane, and apply it to a bottom who is tough and stoic. How far do you go? I especially like the idea that the cane addresses both cheeks equally and without wrapping around to the hips. And what a great idea to watch her toes. From now on, all spankings must be barefoot. :)

Anyway, sorry to wax technical here on your comment page, Raven. I hope you're well and sitting in reasonable comfort.

Raven Red said...

Bottom that is tough and stoic??? And what is this deal with my TOES???
Still sitting comfortably thank you Brett, speak to me on Tuesday...(GRIN), I will most probably be complaining bitterly..



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